I've always enjoyed writing but was never sure if there was a way I could pursue it in a way that combined my creative and technical skills.

Since studying game development I've discovered technical writing and game writing. I'm still learning, but I'm eager to learn more and develop my skills.

I like using technical writing and documentation to support my interest in user experience and help users and other developers understand and use complex software.

technical writing

I worked as a technical writer for Unity Technologies during my placement year.

In this position I gained experience with:

  • Producing clear, concise, accurate documentation.

  • Using active voice.

  • Collaborating with developers to help them document their features.

  • Monitoring user feedback and using this to improve the documentation.

  • Writing in-engine text for tooltips and error messages.


I'm proud that lots of the writing I did at Unity is still live on the website:

Searching in the Editor

This is the first page I rewrote. I had to update the information, reorganise it, and reword  it to better match the internal style guide.

What's New 2020LTS

I completely revamped how information is presented in the What's New page to make it align with the marketing messaging and improve how useful it is for users.

3D Game Development Quickstart Guide

I researched, planned, and wrote the 3D quickstart guide from scratch with guidance from a colleague. This process included collaboration with subject matter experts, developers, and other writers.