user experience work

I've developed an interest in UX from both my degree and my experience as a technical writer at Unity.

I like taking a step back and looking at how users interact with software and considering how elements such as UI, interaction design, and level design can be tailored to provide an enjoyable user experience.

user story mapping

To plan my Bakery Escape game, I created this User Story to inform my production plan.

  • Breaking down user play and the story they follow into clear narrative sections

  • Translating these points into how they'll be implemented in the game engine

  • Break implementation into core assets and scripts required

user experience planning

To plan out my User Experience for my game, I broke down my goals into three elements:

  1. User Experience Goal: What I want the players to feel

  2. Interactions: What in game-interactions will cause the player to feel this way

  3. Feature: What features (visuals, scripts) to implement in order to create the desired interactions.

This allowed me to consider what emotions I want to invoke in players, and how my game design can be improved to encourage them. I'm really proud of my UX planning for this project, and think it's going to be really useful to refer back to when I develop the game.


I'm particularly interested in accessibility in games and software.

I've recently written an essay for one of my modules about accessibility in the games industry. This taught me a lot about how the issue affects the industry, defining accessibility in terms of tech, and the resources available to developers to help make their projects more accessible to a wider audience.

These considerations were applied in the development of All Aboard - a narrative murder mystery game detailed in my projects page.