my favourite projects


I've worked on a lot of projects - these are some of my favourites, but feel free to contact me to find out more about other things I've worked on.

All my game projects are visible on my page, and I tweet about everything else I do at @JosieMakesStuff

toony UI icons asset pack

  • Hand drawn icons
  • Full of toony character whilst still being clear and recognisable
  • Designed for game development use
  • For sale on

I released my first paid asset pack on in April 2022.

It is a selection of 64 UI icons designed for game development, available as both PNGs and PSDs for users to implement in their projects.

See the itch release page here!

all aboard!

  • Time loop murder mystery narrative game!
  • Made over a term as part of friendshaped with Alex Pritchard

  • I did all of the environment and UI art, and wrote the majority of the dialogue

  • Designed with replayability in mind

I love this project - Alex is one of my favourite people to work with and I think we managed to make something really cool. We only released an alpha version and there's a lot of cool places we could take it in the future, but I love the vibes and cosy feel I get playing it.

Download Alpha version free here!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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this font! this one! right here!

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

  • hand drawn font
  • created in calligraphr
  • full alphabet and numbers
  • commonly used punctuation

This is my first foray into font design. I wanted something to use on my portfolio to make it feel more personal and cosy so I drew this up!

I think it has a lot of character, and I'd like to use this experience to create another font and release it at some point.

agent: untouchable

  • Museum based puzzle stealth game with minigames to unlock abilities

  • Made over a week in a 3 person team

  • I made all of the pixel art and animations for the project

  • Worked with teammates to design a level to guide player to fun and engaging gameplay

This is the best pixel art I've made so far; I think it has a good unique style and made the project look cohesive and polished.

Download and play for free here!